Are you taking care of your Employees Health?

  • Are your employees taking sick leave very often?
  • Does your employees complain about the stagnant and unhealthy indoor?
  • Is your indoor air healthy and clean?
  • Are you spending on un-necessary equipment breakdown?

If you answer any or all above questions in Yes then you seriously need a Commercial air Duct cleaning service for your commercial building or office.

What a Commercial Duct Cleaning Service will do?

  • Clean all air handling units (AHU) internal surfaces, components and condensate collectors and drains.
  • Put operative drainage system in place prior to beginning wash down procedures.
  • Clean all coils and related components, including evaporator fins.
  • Create service openings as necessary to accommodate cleaning of otherwise inaccessible areas.
  • Mechanically clean all duct systems to remove all visible contaminants.

This will help in

  • Energy Savings
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Equipment efficiency
  • Preventive maintenance

For more information on commercial duct cleaning check our commercial duct cleaning page and gallery.

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