Check if your Furnace Filter is Black

One and only purpose of a furnace filter is to protect the furnace from damage caused by dust, lint, or foreign objects that find a way into the air stream.

Without filtering, these particles may cause damage to the furnace or, at a minimum, reduce the overall furnace efficiency; which will cost you more in energy. 

A lot of air carrying dust particles moves through your furnace. As dust and deposits accumulate, your furnace has to work harder and harder to draw air through the filter.

A black furnace filter is a red flag that something could be seriously wrong with your heating system. While it may be that you haven’t changed the filter in a really long time, it could be a sign of more serious problems including:

•    Inadequate combustion air
•    Carbon Monoxide
•    Mould

Inadequate air supply or carbon monoxide can both cause soot to form on the filter.  And, mould in your home can be a serious health hazard.

Change your Furnace filter every three month to protect your equipment from unnecessary breakdown.

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Source: HRAI

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