Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Commercial Duct Cleaning can create a Healthy Work Environment for you and your employees

  • Are your employees always calling in sick?
  • Do they complain that the air in the office is stagnant and not ventilated?
  • Are you spending endless dollars fixing broken equipment?
  • Do you want to avoid any emergency breakdown related to the ventilation system?
  • Do you want a good ventilation system and comfortable air to inhale at your workplace?

At Unique Furnace and Duct Cleaning, we specialize in cleaning your offices’ air ducts which will solve these problems.

“Happy and Healthy Employees can create better results.”

Unique Providers has solution for all your duct related problems! We are NADCA certified and our expert team is just a call away to provide duct cleaning service for your commercial property across the GTA

Our Commercial Services includes:

  • Commercial Air Duct Cleaning
  • Air Handling Units Cleaning
  • Makeup Air Shaft Cleaning
  • Roof Top Units Cleaning
  • Laundry Exhaust Vent Cleaning
  • Furnace Cleaning
  • Air Exchanger Cleaning
  • Sanitization
  • Humidifier Cleaning
  • AC Coil Cleaning
  • HEPA Filtration Systems Cleaning
  • Air Chillers Cleaning
  • Blower & Fan Cleaning
  • Bird Nest Removal

Benefits of Commercial Duct Cleaning

Improve the health of your employees Your office could be cultivating and spreading illness by blowing allergens, germs and viruses throughout the space. Regular maintenance of your ducts can drastically improve your employee’s health by removing these particles that trigger allergies and spread illness – this results in less sick time and more productivity from your employees.

Improve air circulation and lower your energy bill By removing the build-up of debris, you are creating better airflow, this has been proven to contribute to less expensive heating and cooling costs.

Fire and Water damage restoration In the event that your place of work encounters fire or water damage, Unique’s restorative treatments can ensure that your HVAC system is cleared of all smoke, moisture and gas that has accumulated in your duct system.

If air duct cleaning is important to you, feel free to contact a duct cleaning specialist. Check our duct cleaning reviews

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Why Commercial Duct Cleaning is Recommended

  • To maintain healthy atmosphere in your office: Dirty ducts can spread illness, different allergies due to circulation of the same air containing viruses, germs and bacteria. This results into increased number of complaints regarding stagnant air and number of sick employees. A regular commercial duct cleaning can avoid these issues due to regular removal of dirt, dust which tends to spread allergies and sickness. When your employees are healthy, then the working atmosphere will be healthy which leads to a good productivity!
  • To minimize energy bills: Regular maintenance of the ducts and removal of build-up debris at your commercial property increases equipment’s life, gives you quick heating or cooling effect in a very short time-span. This helps in minimizing your energy bills.
  • For Fire and water damage restoration: Unique providers has a team of experts who exactly knows how to restore your duct system in case your work place encounters any fire or water damage. Our restorative treatments can assure that all the smoke, moisture and gas is been cleared from you HAVC system and you will have a fresh and comfortable atmosphere to work. Unique has gathered over 20 years of experience and has undergone various certifications to serve you better! We are the team on whom you can rely!
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Royal York Dental hired Unique Providers to do their commercial duct cleaning. Having a medical building, they know how important it is to serve their clients by providing a clean atmosphere.

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