Duct cleaning Milton: Air ducts can make you and your family sick!

Who wants to get sick? Obviously nobody and this is the reason we make the best of our efforts to keep our surroundings clean, at least places inside the house. To stay healthy we do everything from drinking safe and clean water, washing our hands, cleaning the house, washing utensils & clothes and even taking multi vitamins. However there are certain places we ignore or are not even aware of them that cause a lot of health issues, one of them being unclean air ducts.

Importance of cleaning air ducts

It’s true fact that the air ducts are making your family members sick and this is when you have neglected to clean the duct system. Potential dangerous contaminants start to increase inside the ducts when you don’t clean the duct on a regular basis.  The contaminants include fungus, dirt, dust, pet dander, debris, pollen and even moulds. If you ignore cleaning the air ducts then this can lead to potential health problems and most likely younger kids and old age people have to suffer.

How do dirty air ducts lead to illness?

Many of you will be wondering how can dirty air ducts lead to health issues? It is very simple to understand, the air ducts are a part of forced cooling and heating system. Depending upon the time of year, it can be hot or it can be cold and accordingly hot and cold air is pushed through the HVAC (Heating ventilating air conditioning). The ducts are responsible to distribute the air in to your rooms. If they are not cleaned, along with the air it will also push dirt, dust and other contaminants. If this continues for a long time then circulation of the air will be unclean and polluted which will lead to severe illness.

Common health issues related to dirty air ducts

Due to unclean air ducts there are many health issues related to it. Following are the most common symptoms: respiratory problems, allergies, asthma, cold like symptoms, difficulty in breathing, sinus, migraine or regular headaches. Take out some time and think about your health and your loved one’s. Is any one in the family including you experiencing regular sneezing, runny nose or chronic coughing, difficulty in breathing, regular headaches or migraine if your answer is yes then air ducts is something to be blamed and you need to immediately consult your doctor.

If air duct is the reason that you think is the cause, then you have just one option and that is to get it cleaned instantly. For your well being it is recommended to get the duct work cleaning done on a regular basis. NADCA recommends having the duct system inspected every two years.

Air ducts can make you severely ill so if you want to remove the potential contaminants then you need to improve the quality of air you are taking in. You can do this by contacting a reputed air duct cleaning company which will thoroughly inspect the ducts and take necessary actions to clean the duct system.

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