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The most common area we often ignore about the household is things like the HVAC duct work. This can be just the beginning and now when the festive season is around the corner you have many headaches to go through. Don’t get distracted, for the while lets talk about commonly asked questions about HVAC to keep the entire family warm during the winters or cool during the summers. After doing some research we found the most common questions which have been asked and re plied.

The FAQ’S or frequently asked question on Air cooling

Q1.  Trying to clean or repair the duct work on your own save you money?

Ans:  In most of the cases it’s not recommended, that you take this task up own yourself.  Although some people try to handle the repairing and the cleaning on their own however you will find yourself stressed out because you will not have the proper tools to perform cleaning.  This is the most common practice when you’re low on budget. Taking a screwdriver open the vents give you space to clean the first one or two feet on the duct work but the dirt is in the main line which can only be removed using the right equipment and tools. Even though you might have a vacuum cleaner which can go into the vent however it extension however will not reach to the right places which need more cleaning. There are specialized equipments which are required to do the service.

Q2. How to stop the ducts from getting dirty?

Ans:   The best practice is to replace the furnace filter every three months or as it is required by the manufacture.   Always use good quality air filters this will improve the indoor quality of your home.   One can also wipe the supply and return vents when cleaning the house the will reduce the dust from entering the duct system.  By cleaning the house on regular bases will also help keep the duct system cleaned.



Q3. What about break into components?

Ans: With existing duct components there are certain fixtures, mechanical equipments and accessories which can be inserted in line with duct segments. There are identical connectors which are almost designed with the direction of the connectors. There is an automatic insertion of the transitions when necessary to match with the size of the duct segment.

Q4. How to add damper to duct segment?

Ans: Get into the project browser; make a view of the plan where you have decided to place the break in component. Click on the System Tab, then HVAC position the preview of the damper and position the duct segment as per your willingness. When the center click is displayed you just need to click on the damper.

Q5. How to place Air terminals?

Ans: This is a project which lets you place the air terminals. When you are able to view the air terminals and the information associated with it then you can calculate the load for the rooms which also allows you to select the right air terminal and its size.

Q6. Why is Duct cleaning required?

Ans: When there is moisture intrusion into the air ducts it results in mould growth. The entire system should be carefully cleaned by an experienced technician. The ducts should be disinfected with the Benefect where the mould growth has existed.  When there is a lot dust noticed on your floors and furniture and lack of air flow.

Q7. What to look for in a Service provider?

Ans:   Go on the NADCA website to the find the local contractor that is certified is located in your area and been in business for some years.  The company should also show you before and after the cleaning.  Ask your family and friends for referrals

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