When it gets hot outside, you need it to be pleasant and cool inside your home. Utilize this helpful checklist to survey your HVAC framework and afterwards plan an arrangement for any required AC support or fixes before summer warms up.

  1. Check Furnace Filter

The filter in your furnace traps debris, dust, dust and different particles amid both cooling season and warming season. At the point when those particles develop on the outside of the filter, they cause an obstruction in the progression of air, so the blower fan needs to work more to produce the same airflow. Check the air filter each at least 3 months and supplant it if it’s dirty.

  1. Check A/C Vents

Wipe a pipe cleaner over the registers that spread the opening to the vents in your rooms. Chances are that you’ll discover dust, however on the off chance that the pipe cleaner additionally grabs some dark back stuff, it could be an indication of mould. Have an expert review the vents.

  1. Replace the belt if need be

Heaters with electric blowers, most of the times, have fan belts. As a yearly check, turn off the unit, remove the front cover and watch that the belt is tight and doesn’t have any cracks.

  1. Listen for strange noises

Your HVAC framework should run pretty unobtrusively. In the event that you hear clanking, slamming or other noises, it could be an indication of some problem. Schedule a visit with an HVAC technician.

  1. Inspect the outside Unit

Your condenser (outside) unit also catches a lot of dirt and debris. Some times the fins on the unit also get bent or broken. This causes the airflow to not be proper and reduces the life of your unit. To overcome that call a certified HVAC technician.

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