We are currently residing in an era where we are self-conscious about our health. This means we are vigilant about our diets, ensuring to make trips to the gym, reducing bad habits etc. But how much attention are we paying to the air we breathe?

Furnace and duct cleaning enhance the quality of airthat circulates in our homes and workplace. Most people don’t realize how cleaning your furnace and duct work can have an impeccable effect on your health. That’s why we are here, to help educate you on the benefits of adding furnace and duct cleaning to your priority list, on living a healthier lifestyle.

Just like your vehicle needs a regular check-up, so does your ductwork and furnace in order to function properly and avoid any future damages, which may cost you money. It is recommended that you clean and tune up your office furnace HVAC system twice a year, in the spring and fall.

How do you know it’s time to get you furnace cleaned?The most common ways to check the health of your furnace, is to look for black debris around the vents. You may also notice dust coming out of the vent, when the air conditioner is turned on. Also, a foul “dirty-socks” smell in the office, is a sign of mould, which could be a buildup inside your office vents.

Now you are probably wondering: “Well, how much is that going to cost me?”That’s an extra expense on your business. We know! But what if we told you that not cleaning your office furnace is costing you more? Here is how.

Over time, harmful bacteria, mold and hazardous build up grows inside the air ducts. When the furnace is turned on, all these pollutants circulate in the air that you breathe. This has shown to be a cause of allergies, asthma and other respiratory diseases. Mold specifically is a common issue in many businesses. It causes significant illnesses to your staff, mirroring the common cold and flu symptoms. If your staff is calling in sick or there is a flu/virus flowing around the office, it’s most likely due to the circulation of polluted air. We also have a social responsibility to provide a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and clients.

Cleaning your office furnace regularly, is highly beneficial for many other reasons as well.

  1. It helps furnace run more effectively.With clear and clean air filters, the furnace’s performance is enhanced, and you can immediately feel the difference in the heat/ac and in the sound, it produces while it is on. In addition, you gain clean breathable air.
  2. It saves you money on your monthly utility bills. When your furnace’s health is up to date and clean, it provides an increased efficiency and performance. Ultimately resulting in reduces monthly bills. This happens because, people tend to decrease the use of their furnace when it achieves the desired temperature.
  3. Reduces repair costs. Repairing your maintenance can become costly depending on how much work needs to get done. This not only brings up the inconvenience of an unexpected expense, it also can also be time consuming.
  4. Prevents a future costly replacement.It is actually cheaper to pay for seasonal maintenance, than have an unexpected furnace crisis. Procrastinating your regular maintenance can lead to its damage and a costly replacement, which can go up to thousands of dollars.
  5. Reduces staff absenteeism. Providing your employees with a healthy and clean air reduces the risk of them calling in sick or having low energy at work. Clean air also boosts their productivity and makes them more alert.

So, you see now? You are gaining and saving a lot more than what you are actually spending.Call an HVAC professional today and take a step forward into making a healthier work environment for yourself and everyone around you.


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