COVID-19, or the more widely known name coronavirus is a scary thing and the spread is just getting out of control. This airborne virus, although does not have a huge kill rate, it infects people way too quickly and the symptoms are not too distinctive from common cold. Although, there are several teams of researchers that are working on a cure or a vaccine for the disease, the fact of the matter is that no one knows when the cure will be coming. It is now believed that even if a person does not have any symptoms of the disease, he or she can still be carrying it and then pass it on to someone that can actually get sick. Moreover, the kill rate from COVID – 19 is exponentially higher in the older people and kids under five years, also people who have low immune strength due to other factors.  

Health professionals and experts have said that to protect oneself from the outbreak there are some things that one can do.


  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds after touching any surface. The proper way of washing your hand, as listed by WHO is by lathering soap in and around every nook and corner of your hand, for example,  the back of your palm, the wrist and in between the fingers.
  • Sanitize using a high alcohol content sanitizer (at least 90%). This helps in killing the coronavirus and controlling the spread of the same.
  • Avoid panic shopping and hoarding of supplies, this will not only create a stress on the supply chain but also be not very helpful because then people who are actually in need.
  • Avoid touching your face, mouth, or eyes especially after sneezing, coughing, touching any surface without sanitizing your hands. 
  • Keep the living space generally clean by dusting and wiping the surfaces with a disinfectant, mopping the floors.
  • Air duct cleaning  is a very important factor in keeping the indoor air clean. Since, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is an airborne virus, getting the duct cleaned and sanitized in your living and working spaces (from where the air originates) will protect you and the people around you. 



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