The pandemic has brought the world to its knees and this has many unforeseen consequences. The economy has essentially frozen with business struggling to get by and consumers not having enough money to sped as they use to. It was a ray of hope when it was announced that the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) is going into the 3rd phase of re-opening. This essentially means that a many business will be able to entertain customers indoors.

This re opening has a lot of advantages to the business and the consumers alike, following all the safety and precautionary guidelines placed by the government. With offices and other business opening up, it is getting more important then not to get the ducts cleaned and the facility sanitized.

Reasons to get the duct cleaning done.

  1. Over time, the filters of the HVAC system get clogged, this causes the system to circulate contaminated air through the facility. Cleaning the ducts and changing the filters will greatly reduce dust, pollens and other allergens.
  2. Sneezing and recurring illnesses caused due to allergens are a possible symptom for poor indoor air quality. Cleaning the ducts will reduce the chances of spreading infections inside a workplace.
  3. Cleaning the air-ducts in a workplace will also help in eliminating any foul odor, which gives a sense of cleanliness and freshness inside. This help improve the productivity of the people working.
  4. Dust inside the ducts causes the HVAC system to run less efficiently (up to 20% less) and also increases the chances of moulds in the ductwork. It then gets very important to gets the ducts cleaned for a smoothly running and a long-lasting HVAC equipment.

Sanitation during COVID-19

As the businesses are getting ready to invite employees and customers alike, inside the premises. It is important to the surfaces and the high touch points sanitized for a greater protection. Clorox 360 provides great protection against a lot of germs carrying bacteria and viruses.

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