Are you also a Victim of Scam Duct Cleaning?

We would like to share our recent experience with our customers. Last week we participated in National Home Show at Enercare Centre in Toronto. We setup up our booth with duct cleaning display and were very excited to get the response from the public.

It was a mixed experience. People used to stop by our booth to see the duct cleaning display and learn about the process of the cleaning. Most of the time they were excited to know about the actual process and outcome and book the appointment for their home but many of them have different experience and were conscious about the scam duct cleaners.


Many people used to stop for a minute and ask, Are you same who keep calling us for duct cleaning? Their expressions conveyed their pain and this count increased by the passing day. For the 10 days in the show, almost 80% of the people who passed by was complaining about the calls they are getting for duct cleaning. This is an alarming situation for the duct cleaning industry.

The company like us, who spend thousand of dollars in the license, certification, training and marketing are being targeted for what they are not doing. Our reputation and business is at risk. Some telemarketers are even using our company name. This is an annoying situation for not only the customers but also for the established companies who are doing business for a long time.

Time to time there are many articles and news about the scam duct cleaners but nobody is able to stop this. At this point we just wanted to say that not only the customers but the company like us are also in the same pain. We could only suggest to take precaution if somebody is calling you to book an appointment. Good companies will never do cold calling. Unique providers will never call any customer first unless there is already a conversation going on.

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