Ask the Experts: Duct Cleaning Facts

 Lets go through the 5 W's to understand all about duct cleaning.

What is duct cleaning?

Air ducts may contain things like construction debris or dirt, fungus, pet hair or mould. These are produced by the constant use of heating or air conditioning in the house. This results in poor air quality. Therefore, duct cleaning removes all of these unwanted items and allows fresh indoor air quality.

When should duct cleaning be done?

It is recommended after every 3-5 years based on the specific needs of the house. However, it is also needed after construction work or major renovations.

What to check before hiring a Duct cleaner?

Every industry have an association that keeps check and lay standard for the Member Companies and partners. Check if the company has any relevant certification and association. NADCA is the association for Duct cleaning industry. Check online reviews. Reviews are best way to get an idea about a contractor or company. Customer’s feedback can play an important role in making decision before hiring a contractor/company.

 Why is duct cleaning important for your home?

Duct Cleaning improves the overall air quality of your home, which is essential for healthy breathing. The better air quality you breathe through, the better chances you have of staying safe from unwanted allergies, asthma and other sicknesses. Along with improving the air quality it also enhances the life of your equipment and reduce utility bills.

What is time-frame for a good duct cleaning job?

For an average 2000sqft home it takes from 1.5 to 2hrs to clean the system thoroughly. This includes upto 22vents and supply and return line each plus sanitization of the duct work.

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