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Unique Providers Richmond Hill hopes to have every house in the city of Richmond Hill to breath clean and healthy indoor air with the least amount of pollutants and allergens, and we are steadfast in achieving this goal. The city of Richmond Hill is unique and so we at Unique providers want to cater to that unique audience. We are a NADCA certified duct cleaning and a mechanical company that has been serving the people of Richmond Hill for more than two decades. We understand the needs of the city and provide services specific to them. 


Technicians that service this area always appreciate the hospitality and friendliness of the people in Richmond Hill, and also the well kept nature of the houses. We at Unique Providers Richmond Hill trust in the saying, “When our trucks pull in, dust pulls out” and we like to guarantee the individuals of Richmond Hill that we remain by it. Our elevated expectations of administration, and straightforward strategy helps the inhabitants of Richmond Hill to ingrain trust in the service that they get when they heir Unique Providers Richmond Hill.


We need the people of Richmond Hill to settle on educated decisions about the duct cleaners they get, when we service a home, we let the homeowner know about each and every progression and keep them engaged with the procedure. We urge the clients to pose a number of inquiries, with the goal that they are fulfilled by the service they get.


Unique Providers Richmond Hill has created a list of some frequently asked questions that we get asked all the time.


What are the services that Unique Providers Richmond Hill offer?


Unique Providers offers a vivid variety of services in the Richmond Hill region. We are not just a duct cleaning company, but also a HVAC mechanical contractor. We have in our company a certified gas technicians and certified duct cleaning technicians, that helps us to serve the people of Richmond Hill with all their ‘In Air Quality’ needs. Those services are (not limiting to) any tune-ups, installations, repairs and cleaning of all the major name brand heating and cooling equipment. In addition to this, we also provide duct sealing service known as AeroSeal, this service seals the ducts from the inside and helps reduce the leakage in the conduits.


What makes Unique Providers Richmond Hill different ?


Unique Providers Richmond Hill is a NADCA guaranteed, proficient duct cleaning organization. We provide every one of our clients with a before/ after photos of within the ducts and furthermore a 30 day re service ensure. We don’t underwrite or support any telemarketing of any kind, yet what we embrace is quality assistance for the great individuals in Richmond Hill.


The other thing that makes us not quite the same as the competition is, the apparatuses that we use are recommended by NADCA and we utilize high force commercial grade truck mounted equipment to give the most ideal cleaning for the entire house.


Why Unique Providers Richmond Hill?


We are a 20 year old company with over 20,000 happy customers. The prices that we offer in Richmond Hill are very reasonable but that doesn’t reflect our lack of quality. We do random quality control for our on field and office staff so that the service provided by the company is consistent by the standards set by unique provides richmond hill. If anyone in the richmond hill region heirs Unique Providers, they will get the best in class and hassle free service. 


Why do I need Duct Cleaning in Richmond Hill?


  • Avoid major repairs: The odds that people are spending a lot on fixes of their HVAC framework in absence of customary upkeep and cleaning is a lot. It is prescribed to get the ducts clean each three to five years, obviously you should do that early on the off chance that you are a pet owner or did any renovations. In doing as such, you significantly lowers the odds of your system needing repairs that may require a significant expense.


  • More efficient HVAC system: Cleaning your ducts additionally have a hidden advantage of decreasing your energy bills. A spotless duct safeguards a smooth flow of air through the house, this implies your HVAC system doesn’t need to function as frequently or with as much power to reach the ideal indoor temperature, this places less weight on the furnace or the air conditioner and helps keep the heating and cooling expenses for the system low.


  • Better air quality: Removing any microscopic organisms and germs in your duct guarantee the air quality in your home is perfect. In the event that you simply completed a major renos that left a ton of residue lying around, it’s a smart thought to hire an expert to clean your ducts as quickly as time permits. Not only will you and your family be taking in cleaner air, yet additionally duct cleaning lessens the residue that flows all over your home.


  • Removes odours: In the event that you need to get rid of foul smell in your living condition, duct cleaning can help. All things considered, when your heater or climate control system is running, the air that is now inside proceeds to recycle. Getting your ducts cleaned is an effective way to get rid of those smells. 


  • Keep your home safe: Did you know that houses catch fire because of the accumulation of dust inside air ducts? The risk of fire is much higher for those who use propane or other fuels for heating purposes. Keep you and your loved ones safe by hiring a professional duct cleaning company.


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