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Unique Furnace and Duct Cleaning specializes in duct cleaning service for residential, commercial and industrial units in Mississauga. We are the leading NADCA certified duct cleaning company serving Mississauga since 1997. Extraordinary customer service is motto of our business. With latest equipment and the experienced and certified service technicians, we provide the best duct cleaning service to the people of Mississauga. Our work comes with a 30days FREE warranty plus three to five years of guarantee with “Clean Air certificate”.

Mississauga’s oldest & reliable Air Duct Cleaning expert!

Why Choose us for Duct cleaning in Mississauga?

  • 20 Years in business
  • Certified professionals
  • NADCA certified
  • TSSA certified
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Why Duct Cleaning is Important:

Indoor Air Quality
Cleaning air ducts ensure clean airflow in your home which leads to health benefits for your loved one.
Increase Airflow
Clean air duct and vent results in increased airflow within your house.
Energy Saving
Duct cleaning improves efficiency of the equipment saving cost on utility bills by increasing airflow and improving the efficiency of your furnace.
Extended Equipment Life
Regular maintenance and clean air flow can help furnace in peak operating condition that eliminate repairs and unforeseen breakdowns and extends the life of the Equipment.
Reduce dust
Once your air ducts are clean you will observe a huge difference.

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