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Mississauga, the 3rd most populous municipality in Ontario, is the home of Canada’s busiest airport. It has a thriving multicultural population and has a thriving business district. Unique Providers Mississauga wants to provide the best possible In Air Quality solutions. Looking at the fact that our head office is situated in Mississauga, we can respond to and provide service for the people in the city of Mississauga in a quick and efficient manner.


As the residents of the city, we can understand how the calls by those scammy duct cleaners can be so annoying and stressful. We are Unique Providers Mississauga wants to assure this beautiful city that we do not endorse or support any of that behaviour. Unique providers mississauga is a NADCA certified duct cleaning company and we promise to provide the best possible service as laid down by the certifying organisation.


To help the mississauga community in making the right decision and get the right service at the right premium, we have curated a list of FAQs that we have been asked over the years so that the people of this beautiful city don’t get scammed. 


Why Unique Providers Mississauga?


Being one of the very few NADCA certified and the oldest service providers in the city, we hold ourselves to a high standard of quality and customer satisfaction. Our technicians are trained in both, duct cleaning and customer support. Our staff does frequent quality control calls just so that every customer gets the same consistent best quality service that they deserve. Every service that we give comes by default with a before and after camera inspection of the inside of the duct and a 30 days re-service guarantee.


What makes Unique Providers Mississauga different ?


We want to reach as many houses that we can, and to give the best possible solution to all the IAQ quarries that we can, hence, we keep our prices to a minimum. This in no way, shape, or form means that we are undercutting in the quality of service that we offer. We have our procedure listed on our website and our equipment is tested and tuned to commercial standards. 


Why do I need Duct Cleaning in Mississauga?


  • Avoid major repairs: The chances that people are spending too much on repairs of their HVAC system because of lack of regular maintenance and cleaning is just way too much. It is recommended to get the ducts lean every three to five years, of course you might want to do that early if you are a pet owner or did any renovations. In doing so, you greatly reduce the chances of your system breaking down that might require a high cost of repair.


  • More efficient HVAC system: Cleaning your ducts also have a hidden advantage of reducing your energy bills. A clean duct insures a smooth flow of air through the house, this means that your HVAC system does not have to work as often or with as much force to produce the desired indoor temperature, this puts less stress on the system and helps keep the heating and cooling costs for the furnace down.


  • Better air quality: Remove any bacteria and germs in your ducts to ensure the air quality in your house is clean. If you just finished a big renovation that left a lot of dust lying around, it’s a good idea to hire a professional to clean your ducts as soon as possible. Not only will you and your family be breathing in cleaner air, but also duct cleaning reduces the dust that circulates all over your home.


  • Removes odours: If you want to get rid of unpleasant smells in your living environment, duct cleaning can help. After all, when your furnace or air conditioner is running, the air that’s already inside continues to recirculate.


  • Keep your home safe: Did you know that houses catch fire because of the accumulation of dust inside air ducts? The risk of fire is much higher for those who use propane or other fuels for heating purposes. Keep you and your loved ones safe by hiring a professional duct cleaning company.


What are the services that Unique Providers Mississauga offer?


We at unique providers Mississauga, would like to be a one stop solution for all your In Air Quality needs. We have a wide variety of services that can be suited and tailored to the house’s specific needs. Unique providers mississauga realise that having one company to install the equipment, another one to clean the ducts, and yet another one to service the installed equipment can be hard, and if something breaks it’s tough to get hold of the right person to contact. The easier solution is to go with one company that helps keep everything in place, and let the left hand know where the right hand is. 


The services include installations, services, repairs, and cleaning of any and all HVAC products, we also do Aeroseal; a way to seal your ducts from the inside. 


Our Goal


Unique Providers Mississauga’s goal is to get every household in the city of Mississauga to breath clean air and save on the humongous cost on the heating and the cooling bills, repairs and/or replacements that might occur because of the lack of maintenance. 


Mississauga Community response


Our motto is, “when our trucks pull in, dust pulls out” and we stand by it. We are the oldest serving duct cleaning company in Mississauga, i.e. we have been in the city for more than 20 years providing the best service at the best prices. You can read our customer testimonials here…

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