Duct Cleaning Services

Our company specializes in duct cleaning for both residential and commercial clients. We utilize the latest in state-of-the-art equipment. Our team is well trained and experienced in improving your air quality. We do our best to excel by delivering outstanding quality via our staff and equipment.

Our duct cleaning specialists will provide you with advice on your air-conditioning coil, furnace heat exchanger, and supply ducts. We strive on being professional and friendly. We always hope to be our best which will enable us to have you as a client again and again.

The aim of duct cleaning services:

  1. PROVIDE better indoor air quality
  2. REDUCE the presence of house moulds and allergens
  3. REMOVE house dust and other particles that don’t belong
  4. INCREASE the air flow – allowing better delivery of warm air
  5. LOWER your energy costs – since your HVAC system is now operating at its full potential.

Residential duct cleaning services:

Whether you’re in Vaughan or in Oakville, or somewhere in between, we’ve served a neighbour nearby. We just love duct cleaning!

Our duct cleaning process:

  1. INSPECTION:  Our staff members inspect your entire HVAC system.
  2. PROTECTION: We use drop sheets to ensure floors and/or carpets are kept clean.
  3. QUALIFICATION: We use qualified staff members who have a reputation in excelling.
  4. PURIFICATION: We clean your HVAC system by offering you multiple packages that fit your home.

Commercial duct cleaning services:

It is important to have a duct cleaning specialist assess your HVAC system frequently for many reasons:

  • Presence of water
    Water causes mould growth – which can become detrimental to the health.
  • Recent renovation/construction
    Very frequently – after construction there is often dry wall dust, fibreglass pieces, sawdust and woodchips that can found in the vents.
  • Airflow blockages
    Blockages are very common and are often left under checked.


Call us today and learn more on how our duct cleaning services can improve your air quality!

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