Duct Cleaning… When is it Appropriate?

Duct cleaning in the minds of many is either an afterthought or closely associated with indoor air quality, however its effects on indoor air quality have yet to be substantiated. Despite this the importance of duct cleaning should not be ignored. This article aims to offer insightful tips about how to identify if and when duct cleaning may be a beneficial service to have performed within your home and what to look for when choosing a qualified duct cleaning professional.

When you should call a duct cleaning professional:

When mould appears

Mould and mildew can accumulate within the ducts of your home and be spread throughout it as air circulates within your HVAC system. Odours are also known to emanate from ductwork if such particulates build up within the system. Any combination of the above can irritants can aggravate many respiratory conditions. In such cases duct cleaning is warranted.

When ducts become clogged

If you notice a loss of air flow when your HVAC system is engaged in certain areas of your household this may indicate that there is a blockage or restriction somewhere in your system. These issues are usually noticed in the summer or winter due to increased usage of the system. In the winter months you may notice that certain rooms in your household are colder than others due to less heat being circulated in a particular area. Likewise in the summer certain rooms may feel hotter if your HVAC system is unable to efficiently cool certain rooms as well. In the absence of proper cleaning, air ducts get clogged with allergens, dander and dust that circulates throughout the home. Dust from the clogged ducts puts increased pressure on the HVAC system as a whole and decreases the overall efficiency of the system. This can increase the costs associated with the use of your system.

When rodents and insects become persistent

Rodents and insects can often find places to hide within the home and ducts are no exception. They can leave bacteria and faecal matter within the ductwork of your home, when circulated via the HVAC system will decrease the air quality of your home and could potentially have noticeable adverse heath effects.

When HVAC systems breakdown

Proper maintenance is essential to the proper working order of any system. Excess dust in not only the ductwork but near the blower motor of the HVAC system and build up on the A/C coils of the system can in some cases cause they system to breakdown and at the very least will hamper performance. Replacing or repairing an HVAC system can be a real pain. It is preferable to have regular maintenance performed on the system to prevent breakdowns from occurring.

When your nose senses bad odours

When ducts starts becoming contaminated with mould, your nose may feel bad odours around the ducts or inside the entire house in severe cases. In such situations, keep the air fresheners aside because these will only suppress the bad odour for some time, the problem will remain same however! You need a typical duct cleaning professional to fight with bad odour and contaminated ducts which are responsible for contaminating the indoor air as well.

Post construction or renovation

Many times people are mistaken when they take construction or renovation too lightly. During construction it is very easy for objects to disappear within your ductwork. It is not uncommon for not only dust and debris but screws, nails tools and other foreign items to enter your HVAC system during this period.  The main build up occurs in the return vents located in the main floor.  The contractors are known to use the return vent as garbage can. If you are planning a major renovation consider adding duct cleaning to the scope of work once the renovation has been completed.

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