How to know if an air duct cleaner did a good job?

Ask the air cleaner to educate you on all the parts on the HVAC system. Be sure to ask which are the supply and entry vents and all the components. This way, you are able to answer the questions in this checklist.

Questions for the main system:

Most air duct cleaners have basic packages that include cleaning for all the ducts and components.

  • Did they clean all the ducts (supply and entry)?
  • Did they clean all the HVAC components?
    1. Drain Pans?
    2. Humidifiers?
    3. Coils?
    4. Fans?

Questions for the cooling components:

 Be sure to ask the air duct cleaners what each part does and how to maintain it.

  • Cooling Coil: Are both sides of the cooling coil clean?
  • Drain Pan: Is the coil drain pan clean and is it draining properly?
  • Blower blades/compartment: Is it clean and oil free?
  • Plenums: Do filters fit? And are plenums dry and clean?  

Questions for metal ducts:

  • Is the interior surface free of debris (select sites in both return and supply)?
  • Are all the holes that were made sealed with insulated materials? 

Questions for air vents:

  • Have all registers, grilles, and diffusers been firmly attached and screwed back on?
  • Are they all visibly clean?

Questions for system operation

It is vital that you have the air duct cleaners turn on and off the system to show you that all the modes work.

  • Can the system function in the heating mode?
  • Can the system function in the cooling mode?


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