Plants – Our Best Friends

After a stressful and busy day we all need to rest in a quiet & cozy corner of our home.  Adding indoor plants not only gives health benefits but also give mental piece to us. Today we will be discussing some benefits of having indoor plants around us.


Provide Fresh Air

We all know that plants release oxygen and intake carbon dioxide thus increasing the oxygen level in our indoor area. More oxygen means more fresh air and more health to our loved ones.

Increase Moisture Level

During photosynthesis process plants release moisture vapours that increase the natural humidity level of air around us. Better humidity level decreases the issue such as dry skin, cold, dry cough and increase the air quality.

Natural Air Purification

Many plants have the quality of removing harmful toxins from the air. Plants like spider plant, Dragon tree, Snake plant, Boston fern, Orchid, Peace lily, Bamboo and many others have this quality. Planting them in your living area, washrooms, kitchen and any corner of your home or workplace will give a health benefit.

Spider-PlantImprove Ambience

Having green plants around us improve our mood and create a soothing ambience around us. Do use some of these plants at your home and see the difference.

Improving Health

According to a researcher at Kansas State University, adding plants to hospital room speeds recovery rates of surgical patients, compared to patients in rooms without plants.

There are many more benefits that we will be discussing later on upcoming blogs. For now do follow us for more updates on keeping your surrounding air clean.

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