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Is your furnace making noise?

Does it take a long time to heat your house Or cool it down?

If you’re experiencing these problems, then there could be something wrong with your furnace.

At Unique, we specialize in furnace cleaning. We can help you reduce blower noise, increase burner efficiency, prevent blow back into the duct system, and maximize the air circulation in your home. Not only that, but by maintaining your furnace on a regular basis, you will reduce your monthly utility bill and increase the lifetime of your equipment.

How does furnace cleaning work? 

  • Phone Quote:
    Our team would connect with you over the phone, explain the price (based on number of vents, and desired add-on services).

  • Arrival: Our experienced furnace cleaners would visit your home or office and connect a tubular vacuum to your HVAC.

  • Removal: Two members will be present. One member will spray pressured air into the vents, pushing dust towards the main HVAC. The second member, will attach the tubuluar vacuum to the HVAC to suck the dust and debris from the HVAC.

  • Additional Services: Depending on the add-ons selected by the Client, we would spend extra time. (These typical include: installing a HEPA Filter, AeroSeal, Anti-Bacterial Spray, etc.).

Review and Departure: Our team would show you the end result of the cleaning. Have you sign paperwork and issue you a certificate. 

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