Vaughan Couple Fall Victim to Duct Cleaning Scam

One senior got more than he bargained for and is warning others after getting scammed in a big way. This is very sad for the Duct Cleaning Industry. The genuine and certified Duct Cleaning Companies are working hard to provide best possible service and gain their customer’s trust and make a long term relation. On the other hand these telemarketing scammers are spoiling all the hard work.

Do checkout this video so that you can be aware in future.

In past a CBC investigation has revealed that Canadians are getting ripped off by some air duct cleaning services sold by offshore telemarketers. In the report, Marketplace found many Canadians are facing harassment from foreign telemarketing firms who defy Canada’s do-not-call list. One of the most common services for sale is cheap air duct cleaning.

Its better to take prevention that feel sorry later;

We highly recommend to the consumers to consider the following points listed below before you hire duct cleaning company;

  1. Never book a duct cleaner who is calling you. Good duct cleaning companies will never use any telemarketing for sales.
  2. Instead check online and compare quotes from different companies before hiring.
  3. Call your references (friends, neighbor or relatives) to select a duct cleaner.
  4. Virtual world is informative and transparent. You can find the location of the company it is serving from. Their online presence, customers reviews etc.
  5. Scammer duct cleaners will never show their physical address.
  6. Find out if they are certified.
  7. NADCA is the association that provides the certification for duct cleaning in North America.
  8. Do you know among 400 duct cleaners in GTA only 40 are NADCA certified.
  9. What ever you discuss, tell them to give them in writing, via email etc.


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