When should i get duct cleaning?

Are you seeing a lot of dust particles floating around in the air? A lot of dust on your furniture? Do you need to dust your house more often? According to NADCA, duct cleaning should be done every few years as dust and debris gathers in your duct work over time.

The best times to get your duct cleaning done are:

  1. After renovations.

    Believe it or not, after renovating dirt, dust and debris can gather in the duct work -which “clogs” your ducts resulting in poor airflow.
  2. Water in the duct work.

    Leaks in your duct work and flood damage can cause mold to grow in the ducts. This can cause odour and create a health hazard.
  3. New home.

    It is recommended to get at least one professional duct cleaning upon purchase.
    In new homes it is not uncommon to find drywall dust, insulation debris and other construction materials in the duct work. This interferes with the airflow, resulting in inadequate heating and cooling of your home. If previous owners had pets or smoked, it is recommended to get duct cleaning done to clean out the duct work.
  4. Allergies and Asthma.
    If you have dust allergies it is recommended to get your ducts cleaned in order to reduce the amount of dust circulating in your home.

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