Why duct cleaning?

A lot of people ask about duct cleaning, is duct cleaning worth it? Prior to us starting this company, we had done some research to see the benefits of duct cleaning. In this article, we will discuss why duct cleaning is important, and the health benefits.

Why is duct cleaning important?

Multiple third-party studies have shown that duct cleaning is in fact good for your health. The air quality inside your house decreases compared to outside because of the buildup of dust that piles up in your duct work – causing indoor pollution. Overtime this dust accumulates and piles up in your main duct work resulting in higher energy bills. By getting your air ducts cleaned it reduces the amount of dust in your house and improves the air quality. For those who have allergies or asthma, it is recommended to get your ducts cleaned at least every 2 years to ensure the indoor air quality is at its best.


Get duct cleaning because you never know where dust can be hiding.

In Summary: Why Duct Cleaning is Good
  1. Asthma and Allergies: if you suffer from asthma or allergies this can help.
  2. Fire Hazard: dust in your dusts can be a fire hazard
  3. Renovation/Construction: there can be debris in your ducts which is bad for inhalation
  4. New Homes: sometimes* construction companies do not get your ducts cleaned
  5. Seasonal changes: if you do not use your HVAC system for a long period – dust can accumulate
  6. Rodents: rodents have been known to leave feces in your ducts – inhaling this can be detrimental to your health.

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