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Dharmendra Patel
Dharmendra Patel
03:04 23 May 21
I had an excellent experience with Babar and Raj with duct cleaning. They both worked together in a team and thoroughly... cleaned my ducts. They arrived on time and took their time to do the job. They also showed before and after pictures. Overall, it was amazing experience and I would recommend this company.read more
Sonny Lall
Sonny Lall
17:52 21 May 21
Our technician for the job today was Rajinder Singh.He arrived here on time, was very pleasant in his welcome.Before... he actually started to work, he was very particular about leaving his shoes at the door, and laying down floor protection cloth.He handled the job in a professional manner, took before and after pictures as he went along.He took time to explain the charges on the invoice and was ready to answer any questions that we had.Certainly would be an asset to any company.read more
OJ Datt
OJ Datt
22:15 26 Apr 21
I just went through a major renovation and all my vents were nasty, I knew a quick duct cleaning wouldn’t do the trick.... Allem & team were professional, showed up on time, explained the job very well. They showed the before and after pictures & left the furnace and ducts spotless. Would highly recommend this company!read more
Zubair Afzal
Zubair Afzal
00:51 21 Apr 21
I recently hired Unique Providers to do duct cleaning for my property. Communication was excellent. Service was... excellent. They were very efficient, took their time and explained everything to me. I highly recommend them to all those out there looking to do duct cleaning. Give them a call.read more
Mike Z
Mike Z
19:48 26 Mar 21
Great Service, very professional. Followed Covid protocol, fully masked at all times. Before and after pics. Great... service, great Value. Will use again and will send referrals. Thanks.read more
Neil khatri
Neil khatri
00:01 24 Mar 21
It was a great service, they responded very well and quickly and were able to give me a quick appointment. They showed... up very earlier, within the time slot provided which is amazing and they walked use through the process and gave us many pictures to show us what they did. They took their time and cleaned thoroughly.read more
Nirmal Srinivasan
Nirmal Srinivasan
18:57 23 Feb 21
Overall the experience is very good. Babar and Harkinder are very professional, came with the right set of instruments,... covered the floor with the cloth to avoid any damages. Then cleaned all the ducts with before and after cleaning photos. Gave me the cleaning certificate upon completion.Reason am giving 4 stars is because, finally they added 12 CAD for disposal fee which wasn't informed while I was booking their service. So make sure to disclose all the charges to the customers upfront.Otherwise happy with their service as they just completed the cleaning yesterday.read more
Ajay Deshmukh
Ajay Deshmukh
15:52 21 Feb 21
Poor time management from the office team. Given slot of 11am to 2pm and the team arrived at 3.30 pm due to previous... job.Furthermore did not care to inform until I called at 2pm.Also was not informed of the different packages you could select based on the additional vents in your house.No issues with the on-site team.Babar and his team provided quality service for our duct and vent cleaning and dryer lint cleaning. Everything was explained in detail on the job done.read more
karen Maximous
karen Maximous
01:27 23 Jan 21
Mr Barber and his associate did a fantastic and amazing work!!!!! They were tidy and clean every thing after they... finished ,showed pictures before and after cleaning the duct .Mr Barber offered any other service that would be beneficial, he cleaned also the furnace and the fan and he is correct when he advised to clean it , after they left I noticed that some vents not working properly, I called the company and they come back to check it and everything is ok .Highly recommended unique providers to everyone .Professional, finish the work quickly, quick response.Thanksread more
Shafi F.
Shafi F.
02:22 03 Nov 20
I have had my duct cleaning done through them many times now -they have very friendly staff and do thorough work. They... showed me before and after so I know they did a proper job. Well worth your money!read more
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Best dryer vent cleaning services since 1997 in Ontario

Last year, there have been over 16,000 dryer vent fires.

Did you recognize that LINT is that the MOST DANGEROUS & Highly Flammable item in your Home?

Regular maintenance of your Cleaning dryer vents in condos can decrease this risk by ensuring that the build from lint within the exhaust vent is cleared away. But dryer vent washing can help you save money on your energy bill by decreasing the time it takes to dry your clothes. At Unique Furnace and Duct washing Inc., there’s no job too big or too small. Whether it’s your home of residence or an ad high-rise, apartment building, or hotel, Unique Providers will confirm that the work is completed right. Call us today to get a Free Quote.

Useful tips to assist prevent fires

  • Clean the lint screen/filter before or after drying each load of garments. If clothing remains damp at the highest of a typical drying cycle or drying requires longer times than normal, this could be a logo that the lint screen or the exhaust duct is blocked.
  • Clean the dryer vents & exhaust duct periodically. Look over the surface dryer vents while the dryer is working to form sure exhaust air is escaping. If it’s not, the exhaust duct or the vents could even be blocked. to get obviate a blockage within the exhaust path, it’s getting to be necessary to disconnect the exhaust duct from the dryer. Remember to reconnect the ducting to the dryer and door vents before using the dryer again.
  • Clean behind the dryer, where lint can spread Have knowledgeable service technicians cleans the within of the dryer chassis periodically to attenuate the number of lint accumulation. Keep the planet around the dryer clean and free of clutter.

A Clothes Dryer Duct Cleaning Service helps Prevent

Excessive Drying Time – More efficiently, and clothes dry faster. You’ll save wear & tear on your dryers

  • Breakdowns – The cleaner the vents, the less strain there is on your dryers, consequently the motor & electrical circuits last longer. And you don’t get to spend the utmost amount on repairs and replacement.
  • High Utility bills – When your dryers are running at peak efficiency, they cost you less to figure
  • Fire – Overloaded vents & overworked dryers are frequently a dangerous combination. When the vents are clean, you will eliminate the overloading & overwork. & you lower the risks of fireside.

Choosing Unique for Dryer Vent Cleaning

Unlike other Clothes dryer duct cleaning Service, residents can rest easy knowing that their appliances are being cared for by local professionals. Many property owners attempt to clean out air passage and Cleaning dryer vents in condos, empty quite an influence vac. 

This might handle a number of the larger clogs or blockages but it doesn’t do much to stop future buildup. once you choose a Unique for your dryer vent cleaning services, our experts take it that extra mile by learning the finer points of your system. By opening covered areas, our specialized highly powered vacuums can outreach all the blockages. Once clogs are take out, the sides of dryer vents are scrubbed clean to discourage buildup from re-forming.

In addition to providing clients with expert results, we provide peace of mind also. Every member of our team is fully insured for any accidents which can happen. Whether you’re handling personal or property damage, you’re always fully covered.

When you cleaned the dryer vent? a scarcity of routine maintenance could put your range in danger of getting a hearth if you don’t skills to scrub a dryer vent. a scarcity of routine maintenance could put your range in danger of a heart if you don’t regularly clean your lint filter and dryer vent. In fact, the Canada Fire Administration Reports that every year clothes dryers are the reason for quite 3,000 home fires.

And, aside from being a health hazard, an unclean dryer vent can increase drying time and spike energy costs.

  • Is your laundry taking longer to dry?
  • Do you have got to run an equivalent load twice?
  • is that the highest of your dryer hot to the touch after each use?

For more information, Contact UNIQUE PROVIDERS which deliver the best dryer vent cleaning services. We are happy to assist you.

Some of Before-After pictures: