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Yesung Cho
Yesung Cho
Manoj was prompt, professional and provided knowledgeable service.
Rob Williams
Rob Williams
Manoj arrived on time and he and his assistant worked quickly and efficiently getting my duct work cleaned. He showed me before and after pictures. Wow what a difference! I highly recommend them!
Nora Thomas
Nora Thomas
I was very happy with the service provided by Raj. I would,most rcomend their services.
Karishma Kuruvilla
Karishma Kuruvilla
I have been using unique providers for 5 years now and would recommend their services. They recommended and performed sanitization, replaced my humidifier evaporator coil and cleaned my ac coil upon arrival in addition to cleaning air ducts. Very professional and knowledgeable company!
Great service, showed up on time. Very professional.
Yuni Vega
Yuni Vega
Manoj and his team came at house were very professional did my duct and dryer cleaning and I am shocked to see the results. Thanks to them. Will refer them for sure.
Deusdedit Elmer Maquiling
Deusdedit Elmer Maquiling
I will highly recommend this company based on my experience with the duct, furnace, coil cleaning and sanitizing services provided recently. The work the team consisting of Ranjoph, Ramiro and Abdul Rashid was done diligently.
William Saldanha
William Saldanha
Manojand his team did great job best workmen ship. Very satisfied from the duct cleaning. Thanks
sarbjit singh
sarbjit singh
Great work done by Ramiro And Ranjodh ….very nice people …highly preferred
Great services provided by Raj. He was detailed and prompt.
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Duct Cleaning in Burlington

No.1 Air Duct Cleaning Company in Burlington

Did you know your musty air ducts are the potential sources of diseases like asthma, coughs, and more? 75% of the breathing issues are air-borne, say experts and poor indoor air quality is responsible for this. If you are also dealing with this, get air duct cleaning service in Burlington by Unique Providers, NADCA certified cleaning company with more than 25 years of experience.


More than everything else air vent cleaning of your HVAC system ensures you breathe fresh. And, it lowers your energy bills too. A damp vent causes breathing issues as well as accidental hazards like house fires. Occasional cleaning thus helps maintain the condition of your air HVAC system.

Hire Professional Air Duct Cleaning Services in Burlington!

Don’t compromise your indoor air quality. Instead of falling for cheap $50 services in Burlington, opt for the professionals that offer high-quality vent cleaning services. It’s a comprehensive process and it involves several phases. We apply best practices of duct cleaning in Burlington and ensure that the indoor air is contaminant free. Here’s a look at our step-by-step process, once you approach us.


Step 1: Getting in Touch 

While we are available right away for residential air duct cleaning, commercial vent cleaning comes with several considerations. For that, you need to get in touch with our duct cleaning expert in Burlington who can offer you appropriate solutions after understanding your requirements. 


Step 2: Reaching the Spot

Once you book us, our duct cleaning technicians in Burlington reach the spot within a short span of time. We commit that you get an on-site inspection ( applicable for the commercial properties) within a few hours. A thorough inspection can help us understand the condition of the HVAC system so that we can plan the cleaning procedure well in advance.


Step 3: Highly trained technicians at your service 

As a NADCA-certified duct cleaning company in Burlington, we focus on hiring highly trained technicians, who know their job well. As a result, they can perform in-depth dryer vent cleaning in accordance with or exceeding NADCA standards. They are professionally trained and henceforth can offer you appropriate cleaning as per your requirements. The best part is, we do not have any surcharge in case the cleaning procedure requires a little longer than expected.


Step 4: Quality Check

Whether we work for residential or commercial spaces, we carry out regular quality control on all kinds of duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning services. As a result, you get a high-end service at competitive rates.


Step 5: Post Cleaning Services

Once the duct cleaning service is over, you can call us any time to know about the maintenance or so. Whatever is your issue, we focus on resolving the same over the phone without any time constraints. In case you need an experienced technician to attend you all over again, we can also do that for you.

Unique Providers Services

Air Duct Cleaning
Furnace Cleaning
Air Filter Replacement
AC Coil Cleaning
Dryer Vent Cleaning
HEPA Filtration System

Maintenance of your HVAC System is Important!

You might ask, what if you do regular dusting on a routine basis instead of cleaning the air vents by the professionals. It will be less expensive as well. But, what if your HVAC system goes out of the whack? The efficiency is reduced and worst even, the system itself might be damaged. Here comes the role of an expert team of air duct cleaning professionals. 


Keep in mind that regular dusting can keep away the dust build-up in the outer area, but DIY methods can’t help you clean the inner wall of the vents. And, that poses the biggest hazard. No matter how efficiently it works, dust accumulates in the vents clogging the vent walls. But, cleaning it on a regular basis helps it stay free from dust, molds, and mildew growth. Usually, a yearly cleaning session is highly recommended for keeping filth away from the ductwork. Most of the time, we cannot do it myself and hire a professional service provider to clean the air ducts and vents.


Also, it’s crucial that you change the filter at a regular interval (usually at alternate five months). But, be careful that the idea of dryer vent cleaning by the professionals does not slide to the back of your mind; Remember, even the high-end HVAC systems also run out if there’s the negligence of the maintenance and vent cleaning regime.


Unique Providers offer extensive cleaning and maintenance of your HVAC air ducts. Each of our cleaning projects comes with the following.

  • Cleaning air filters: Deep cleaning of dirty air filters help remove molds, mildews, and dirt. It prevents airborne particles from circulating and contaminating indoor air
  • Cleaning drain pans and cooling coils: Cleaning drain pans and cooling coils remove accumulated water, which over time could be a source of mold growth. 
  • Clean the supply ducts: Dust often settles in the supply ducts, thus preventing healthy airflow in the system. Cleaning the accumulated dust increases the system’s durability and improves indoor air quality.
  • Moisture Control: Excess humidity often leads to the growth of molds inside the duct filters. During regular maintenance, we focus on moisture control, so that the ducts are dried up. It checks the growth of biological contaminants.  
  • HEPA Filter Cleaning: We remove pollutant sources, such as dust and grime from the HEPA filters, thus ensuring full-fledged purification of indoor air quality 
  • Removing odors: While cleaning the air ducts, we take care of the odor control process as well. For that, we perform extensive sanitization of the duct filters.

Contact us for Air Vent Cleaning in Burlington!

For the past 25 years, we have been offering high-end vent cleaning services in Burlington. We not only ensure fresh air quality but also confirm that the heating and cooling system operates at peak efficiency for years. The result is reduced energy bills as well as decreased risks of health hazards.


Give us a call and talk to our duct cleaning experts in Burlington or mail us with your requirement, rest assured that the expert technicians will be at your service whenever you need them.