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Unique Furnace and Duct Cleaning specializes in duct cleaning and furnace repair services for residential, commercial, & industrial units in Burlington. Burlington is a city located in Helton Region. Serving Burlington since 1997. We offer the most effective chamber cleanup service to stay your system running in all winter. No matter what it takes to induce your heating and cooling at most performance, our duct cleaner repairer will handle it! Decision currently for the most effective duct cleanup GTA has got to provide. No different furnace repair service in Burlington can reaches results as we tend to do! the explanation of why we tend to achieve higher results systematically is that your airway cleaner gets outfitted with the most effective instrumentation we can notice. We offer truck-mounted duct cleaning and furnace repair services that allow us to finish your job faster without the mess!

Our skilled furnace repairer in Burlington uses tools to create short work of any HVAC cleansing job. Nobody else is committed to residential duct cleansing services like tend to are! after you decision our duct cleansing specialists, you’re selecting the formidable technician with the duct cleansing instrumentation that protects your home. Remaining the most effective home duct cleansing service should leave you healthy, safe, and respiration softer.

​Our best duct cleansing could even shield your home from fires! A high reason for accidental home fires could be a clogged laundry vent packed with flammable lint. that’s why we tend to advocate our greatest duct cleaning and furnace repair services. Once we supply our house vent cleansing choices, we all know it’ll keep your family safe for longer! Don’t select simply any furnace repair corporations for your house’s wants. Instead, rent the team that provides your home its best level of clean!

Why Unique Providers?

At Unique Providers, we affirm that the services you get will be professional and unique. We’re a NADCA certified firm and apply the latest and best techniques for residential duct cleaning services. Normal maintenance of your ducts is every bit as important for the upkeep of your property.

NADCA Members have signed a Code of Ethics saying that they go to attempt to do everything possible to safeguard the client and follow NADCA Standards for cleanup to the best of their ability.

The Technical Safety Standards Association today requires that air ducts be cleaned after building, particularly if the furnace has been utilized during construction.

Since 1997 we are providing quality services in Mississauga, Toronto, Vaughan, Brampton, Oakville, Caledon, North York and other GTA region.

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Air Duct Cleaning
Furnace Cleaning
Air Filter Replacement
AC Coil Cleaning
Dryer Vent Cleaning
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Why do I need duct cleaning?

  • More effective HVAC system: Washing your ducts has a hidden advantage of reducing your electricity expenses. A clean duct ensures that the smooth stream of air throughout the home, it follows your HVAC system will not need to work as often or with too much drive to produce the desired indoor temperature, this places less strain within the machine also helps preserve the heating and cooling prices for the furnace down.


  • Better atmosphere quality: Remove any germs and bacteria from your ducts to ensure the quality of air within your residence is clear. In the event that you just finished a big renovation that made a great deal of dirt lying around, it really is a good idea to seek the services of a professional to wash your ducts once you can. Not only does you and your household be breathing in cleaner air, but also also duct Cleanser lessens the dust that circulates all over your home.


  • Keep your house secure: Did you know that homes catch fire because of the accumulation of dirt indoors air pipes? The risk of fire is a lot higher for people who use propane or alternative fuels for heating functions. Maintain you and your family members protected by selecting a expert home cleaner corporation.

Burlington Community Response

We want to reach out to as many houses that we are able to and also to give the very best possible remedy to all the IAQ queries, so we maintain our rates to the absolute minimum. This is in no manner, shape, or kind means that we compromise with the grade of our service. We’ve our process listed in detail on our website and also our equipment is analyzed and tuned to commercial expectations.