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Yesung Cho
Yesung Cho
Manoj was prompt, professional and provided knowledgeable service.
Rob Williams
Rob Williams
Manoj arrived on time and he and his assistant worked quickly and efficiently getting my duct work cleaned. He showed me before and after pictures. Wow what a difference! I highly recommend them!
Nora Thomas
Nora Thomas
I was very happy with the service provided by Raj. I would,most rcomend their services.
Karishma Kuruvilla
Karishma Kuruvilla
I have been using unique providers for 5 years now and would recommend their services. They recommended and performed sanitization, replaced my humidifier evaporator coil and cleaned my ac coil upon arrival in addition to cleaning air ducts. Very professional and knowledgeable company!
Great service, showed up on time. Very professional.
Yuni Vega
Yuni Vega
Manoj and his team came at house were very professional did my duct and dryer cleaning and I am shocked to see the results. Thanks to them. Will refer them for sure.
Deusdedit Elmer Maquiling
Deusdedit Elmer Maquiling
I will highly recommend this company based on my experience with the duct, furnace, coil cleaning and sanitizing services provided recently. The work the team consisting of Ranjoph, Ramiro and Abdul Rashid was done diligently.
William Saldanha
William Saldanha
Manojand his team did great job best workmen ship. Very satisfied from the duct cleaning. Thanks
sarbjit singh
sarbjit singh
Great work done by Ramiro And Ranjodh ….very nice people …highly preferred
Great services provided by Raj. He was detailed and prompt.
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Duct Cleaning Service In Etobicoke

Most promising Duct Cleaning in Etobicoke

Did you know how dust and an unhygienic environment can lead to chronic respiratory issues? Research shows that indoor pollutants have increased way more than outdoor pollution with industrialization and growth in technology. Having HVAC systems  at home means you will be dealing with clogged ducts at any point of time. This is the time you need an air duct cleaning service.


 Want to get the best service? Get in touch with Unique Providers for air duct cleaning service in Etobicoke and enhance your indoor air quality. 

Explore Duct Cleaning Services at Etobicoke

At Unique Providers we have 25 years of experience providing vent cleaning services in Etobicoke. We are among the best-in-class and trusted service providers in this field. We follow all the protocols recommended by NADCA. Our services are specially designed keeping in mind the needs of every individual including kids and the elderly.


  • Residential Air-Cleaning: We have specially designed our vent cleaning services if you have pets at your home or if you suffer from some allergies. Our service will give a rapid solution for all the problems of the HVAC system. Animal infestation or nesting? We will also help you solve this while cleaning your air ducts. We are NADCA certified company that believes in providing timely services. We provide before and after inspection with professional and authorized service technicians. 
  • Commercial Air-duct Cleaning: We are dedicated to fulfilling the needs of our clients with high-quality services. Tired of stagnant air quality at the office? We have got your back. Get your ventilation system better with our services. Breathe fresh air comfortably. We have the solution to all your issues. 
  • Industrial duct cleaning: We have a huge list of services that are covered under industrial duct cleaning. It begins with air duct cleaning, air handling unit cleaning, air exchange cleaning, HEPA Filtration system, and more. Get the value for your money with no extra hidden costs with us. 

We have much more to offer

Unique Providers have much more to offer when it comes to duct cleaning services. We have mentioned a few of the services covered under the offer.


  • Air duct Cleaning: Cleaning the dryer vents would ensure you have a cleaner living environment and it also reduces allergens and other irritants. 

  • Furnace Cleaning: Clean your furnace to get rid of the unwanted dust which got collected over a couple of months. This will reduce the chances of emitting harmful chemicals. 

  • Ac coil cleaning: Cleaning AC coils would improve heat transport and avoid any unnecessary rust or corrosion. 

  • Air filter replacement: Regular replacement of air filters would improve the air quality and turn out to be an energy-efficient option. 

  • Dryer vent cleaning: Dryer vent cleaning will ensure a lower bill and reduce the chances of an unwanted fire. 

  • Terminate odors: While cleaning the air duct we make sure all the unwanted odors are terminated. This would ensure a more breathable environment. 

  • Air filter cleaning: We provide deep cleansing of dirty air filters. This would help in removing dirt and mold from the filters. This will guarantee fresh air flow indoors. 

  • Moisture regulator: We provide a service that helps in clearing excess humidity. More humidity would mean the growth of molds inside the duct filters. We focus on moisture regulation to avoid any further damage to the duct. 

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Benefits of Clean air ducts 

Improved living conditions: Hiring the best air duct cleaning services like Unique Providers would help you in getting a better home environment and improved air quality. 


A safer home: Cleaning would help you get rid of dirt, debris, and other harmful germs. Cleaning would help asthma patients or allergic people. 


Breathe fresh: Cleaning would make the surroundings cleaner, and odors will be away. Reward yourself with a fresh and clean home with us. 

Wondering when to call us? 

We are Canada’s best duct cleaning specialists with NADCA accreditation. We provide commercial, residential, and industrial dryer vent cleaning services, you can contact us in any of the given situations.

  • Overexposure to dust is making you feel uncomfortable. 
  • An unpleasant smell is making you uncomfortable. 
  • There are a lot of furs collected from your pet. 
  • You can detect a visible issue with the airflow.

We have 25 years of experience

We are Canada’s No.1 specialists in duct cleaning. We believe in providing hassle-free services. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you face any trouble with the air duct. Want to know more? Connect with us over a call or e-mail us your query. 

Why choose us?

  • NADCA certified. 
  • More than 25 years of experience. 
  • WSIB for no-fault insurance. 
  • ASCS as an air cleaning specialist. 
  • We value our customers. 
  • Experienced with more than 20,000+ projects. 
  • Safety is our priority. 


What’s more to know?

We believe in customer safety and satisfaction. We are among the top certified cleaning companies that believe in providing a seamless cleaning experience to our customers. As a NADCA recommended company we stove in improving our technology and give our customers the best experience. 


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