Commercial Duct Cleaning Process

Commercial Duct Cleaning Process
commercial duct cleaning crew

Step 1

Area Inspection and Preparation
  • A crew of two to four certified technicians will arrive on the job site as scheduled.
Commercial duct cleaning

Step 2

  • Our certified technicians will use commercial grade equipment 
layering drop sheet

Step 3

  • To protect the building’s floor, our technicians will layer drop sheets where necessary and cover work terminals.
duct cleaning area preparation

Step 4

  • The building staff should not be in the direct work area when our technicians complete duct cleaning. This maximizes occupant safety and prevents interruptions during the cleaning process.

Step 5

  • Our technicians will begin our work from the mechanical room or specified area.
before cleaning picture

Step 6

  • This is what your building’s duct system looks like BEFORE cleaning.

Step 7

  • Our technicians locate and cut access points on supply/return lines.

Step 8

  • Our 20,000 CFM vacuum is attached to the building’s main supply and return lines.

Step 9

  • Air pressure of 300 PSI will be used to clean all diffusers and return grills.
  • This will be followed by wiping and disinfecting the fuser.


Step 10

  • All main duct lines are cleaned with a semi-robotic brush and bouncing ball which cleans the inner walls of the duct system. This is repeated 2-5 times as necessary to lose and agitate dirt and debris toward the vacuum.

Step 11

  • Main lines located in the basement are then cleaned with our retractable snake jet system (with air pressure of 300 PSI).
  • This tool will clean the hard to reach places, including the corners within the line and bring all the loose dirt towards the vacuum working as an air-rake.

Step 12

  • All one-inch access points are closed by installing black plugs. Eight-inch access holes are covered using stainless sheet metal plate, sealed with aluminium tape.
after cleaning

Step 13

  • This is what your building’s duct system looks like AFTER cleaning.

Step 14

  • The work area is cleaned and all equipment is wrapped up.
  • The lead technicians review the entire work process with client’s staff.


Step 15

  • We will give you a report on our progress to the main business occupant. We appreciate your business and will do what it takes to deliver the best service possible.
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