Duct Cleaning Mississauga

Yesung Cho
Yesung Cho
Manoj was prompt, professional and provided knowledgeable service.
Rob Williams
Rob Williams
Manoj arrived on time and he and his assistant worked quickly and efficiently getting my duct work cleaned. He showed me before and after pictures. Wow what a difference! I highly recommend them!
Nora Thomas
Nora Thomas
I was very happy with the service provided by Raj. I would,most rcomend their services.
Karishma Kuruvilla
Karishma Kuruvilla
I have been using unique providers for 5 years now and would recommend their services. They recommended and performed sanitization, replaced my humidifier evaporator coil and cleaned my ac coil upon arrival in addition to cleaning air ducts. Very professional and knowledgeable company!
Great service, showed up on time. Very professional.
Yuni Vega
Yuni Vega
Manoj and his team came at house were very professional did my duct and dryer cleaning and I am shocked to see the results. Thanks to them. Will refer them for sure.
Deusdedit Elmer Maquiling
Deusdedit Elmer Maquiling
I will highly recommend this company based on my experience with the duct, furnace, coil cleaning and sanitizing services provided recently. The work the team consisting of Ranjoph, Ramiro and Abdul Rashid was done diligently.
William Saldanha
William Saldanha
Manojand his team did great job best workmen ship. Very satisfied from the duct cleaning. Thanks
sarbjit singh
sarbjit singh
Great work done by Ramiro And Ranjodh ….very nice people …highly preferred
Great services provided by Raj. He was detailed and prompt.
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If you have received an unsolicited call from someone claiming to be Canaduct duct cleaning service, please call us now at 905-456-8940 as we do not solicit calls and would like to provide you with great service.

Best Duct Cleaning in Mississauga

Did you know unclean indoors are responsible for the maximum cases of breathing issues in Canada? Studies reveal residential air is more than ten times more polluted than outdoor air. And, it needs to be cleaned every two to three years. Get in touch with Unique Providers, NADCA certified firm offering the best services for industrial, commercial, and residential air duct cleaning in Mississauga

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duct system

Best Duct Cleaning in Mississauga at Attractive Cost

Unique Providers have been one of the best Mississauga duct cleaning companies for almost two decades. Our service is comprehensive and exclusively designed keeping the individual needs in mind. Moreover, we offer affordable cost for the same. 

Unique Provider Services

Air Duct Cleaning
Furnace Cleaning
Air Filter Replacement
AC Coil Cleaning
Dryer Vent Cleaning
HEPA Filtration System

Residential Air Duct Cleaning in Mississauga

We are one of the best cleaning companies for residential HVAC systems including the supply and return ducts, grilles, coils, drip pans, fan motor, and fan housing. Keep in mind that residential ducts, filters, and dryer vents are sensitive areas and without professional knowledge, you might end up damaging the system. Hiring a professional residential air duct cleaning in Mississauga  at a competitive cost is the best idea.


Commercial Duct Cleaning in Mississauga.


We are one of the best companies for cleanup, and sanitizing all the components of your duct system in commercial spaces, including diffusers, return grills, reheat coils, cooling coils, make-up air units, blower wheels, ergs motor housing, fan housing, unit housing, supply main and return main ducts, turning vanes, drain pans and all other components of HVAC systems in commercial space. We are known for the competitive cost.

Our residential service is comprehensive, and we are known as one of the best Mississauga duct cleaning companies.

  • Sanitization of residential AC & furnace filters: Deep cleanup of dirty air filters helps remove molds, mildews, and dirt. It prevents airborne particles from circulating and contaminating indoor air. We are one of the best companies for this job.
  • Cleanup of drain pans and cooling coils in residential areas: It removes accumulated water, which over time could be a source of mold growth. Work with one of the best companies offering affordable cost for this.
  • Clean the supply ducts of residential area: Dust often settles in the supply filters, thus preventing healthy airflow in the system. Eliminating the accumulated dust increases the system’s durability and improves indoor air quality. Our services are focused on that.
  • Moisture Control in residential vents: Excess humidity often leads to the growth of molds inside the filters. During regular maintenance in residential spaces, we focus on moisture control, so that the vents are dried up. We are one of the best companies and our services check the growth of biological contaminants.
  • Residential HEPA Filter Washing: We are one of the best NADCA certified companies offering competitive cost for cleanup. Our services offer the best way to remove pollutant sources, such as dust and grime from the HEPA filters, thus ensuring full-fledged purification of indoor air quality  
  • Removing odors in indoor spaces: While carrying out the cleaning services of the residential HVAC systems, we take care the best care of the odor control process as well. For that, we perform extensive sanitization of the vents & filters.

Hire expert services from Unique Providers, one of the best companies to get the best duct cleaning in Mississauga. And we offer attractive cost.

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Best Commercial Duct Cleaning Services in Mississauga to Keep Your Employees Safe.

Our commercial duct cleaning services in Mississauga help you breathe clean. And it helps improving living conditions at amazing cost. 

Remove allergens & contaminants: Deep washing of the vents and filters in the commercial spaces remove, dirt, debris, and harmful contaminants that are the source of molds. People suffering from asthma or any other allergies are sensitive to such airborne particles. It removes allergens from vents and filters and promotes healthy dwellings in commercial spaces. 


Remove unpleasant odors: Accumulation of dust and debris for an extended time often contributes to a musty smell in the commercial areas. Our commercial duct cleaning services in Mississauga include the best cleanup process along with the removal of odor trapping particles like tobacco ashes, pet hairs, molds, and more. We are one of the best companies 


Enhance airflow efficiency in commercial spaces: Vents and filters of the HVAC system get dust build-up, thus restricting airflow. It gets worse in commercial properties as these remain more congested. We are one of the best companies in Mississauga to clean the filter so that the airflow is at peak efficiency.


No doubt, we are the best among Mississauga Duct Cleaning Companies for commercial spaces! And our service cost is unbeatable.

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Get NADCA-Recommended Industrial duct cleaning in Mississauga

If your factory or production unit faces restricted airflow, it’s high time that you clean the vents and filters of your HVAC system.  Our NADCA-certified industrial duct cleaning in Mississauga is one of the best services in the area. Here’s when you must reach us:


  • When the dust accumulates in the air vents of the industrial HVAC system, it often blocks the passage of airflow. This makes industrial areas feel musty and suffocating
  • When you reopen a closed production unit or industrial arena. Airflow is restricted in such a scenario and odor trapping materials give off a bad smell. Professional industrial cleaning companies  offer the best help in such cases.
  • Closed vents often result in breathing issues, headaches, nasal congestion, or similar other things. These are pretty common in industrial sectors. It contaminates the place causing health hazards to the people working inside. NADCA recommended companies are the best choices for these services. They offer unbeatable cost at fine services.  
  • Slow or somewhat inefficient systems require immediate professional service. Avail NADCA certified commercial & industrial duct cleaning in Mississauga  at your earliest. We will also offer an on-site inspection.  


Duct Cleaning in Mississauga Cost Estimation

We have a fleet of experienced technicians, who can offer the finest services across residential, industrial, and commercial spaces in the most hassle-free manner. Our duct cleaning in Mississauga cost is highly competitive if compared with the market rates. Since 1997, we are serving residential, commercial & industrial clients across GTA and helping them breathe clean air. At present, we are one of the best companies in this domain. Keep in mind that the services and maintenance cost is different and widely varies for residential, commercial, and industrial areas. For commercial and industrial spaces, the cost may rise, considering the vast areas.


Call us for inspection in your industrial areas and get to know about duct cleaning in Mississauga’s cost. 

Want to learn more about our services in Mississauga? Get in touch with one of the good companies in the area.

We are Canada’s No.1 company offering services for 25 years and are trusted for providing


  • NADCA Certified Services in Mississauga
  • Residential Commercial & Industrial Vent Cleaning by the industry experts
  • Comprehensive Service & Maintenance for residential & industrial spaces
  • High-end equipment and services
  • Competitive cost
  • Fast and reliable service


Last but not the least!


We strive for customer satisfaction every time and consistently deliver a world-class cleaning experience to them. Our experts update ourselves with the latest technology and equipment to deliver first-rate cleaning services.

You Deserve One Of Our Best Service

with 25 years of duct cleaning experience

NADCA, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, recommends to have your air ducts cleaned every 3 - 5 years

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