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In the Air Duct Cleaning Service since 1997!

We are a NADCA certified duct cleaning company providing highest quality service using the latest technology. Our services include air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, furnace and carpet cleaning. Delivering superior air duct cleaning services to the Greater Toronto Area, Brampton, Caledon, Maple, Milton, Mississauga, North York, Oakville, Richmond Hill, Toronto, Vaughan, and Woodbridge. Unique Furnace & Duct Cleanining Inc. specializes in duct cleaning services for residential and commercial sector. Our trained and service oriented professionals are experienced in the business and are committed to provide best service to our customers.

Here is what our customers say about our air duct cleaning services:

Royal York Dental hired Unique Providers to do their commercial duct cleaning. Having a medical building, they know how important it is to serve their clients by providing a clean atmosphere.

Adam talks about how he hired our dryer vent cleaning specialists. We went to his office in Mississauga and provided superior services!

Karen asked us to clean her furnace and all the ducts. We were on time, explained our process, ensuring her of the superior service we were going to give her.

We value our customer’s feedback. Whether it be a job at a residential home or a commercial office – we put our heart and soul into it.

100% customer satisfaction is key of our business.

Our Service Offerings:

Did you know getting your Air Ducts cleaned can help you remove dirty debris from your ducts and vents?

Checkout our duct cleaning services for your home and office. We use the newest industry tools, such as the semi-robotic brush, reverse jet snake system, high pressure air trigger and adjustable camera, to maximize the cleaning process. Our technicians are trained through a detailed, intensive program that highlights safe and effective duct cleaning procedures. Our rigorous and professional approach sets us apart from our competition. Along with air duct cleaning for residential and commercial units we also provide dryer vent cleaning, furnace cleaning and carpet cleaning service in Greater Toronto Region. Serving Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, Vaughan, Oakville, Caledon, Milton and Halton.

Why Choose Us?

  • 20 Years in Business
  • Trained Professionals
  • NADCA Certified
  • Competitive Price
  • TSSA certified
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • WSIB Compliant
  • Quality assurance

Our Commercial Duct Cleaning Customers

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CBC Marketplace: When The Repairman Knocks: Air Ducts

An informational video for our customers to learn how Canadians are getting ripped off by off shore telemarketers for duct cleaning services. Source:


GTA Duct cleaning – FAQs

Over the years, we have come across a lot of variations of the same questions, the team of professionals at the Unique providers HQ have concisely collected them and made a list, for once and for all. If you still feel a need to ask any more question and/or book an appointment give us a call at 1-866-456-8940 Do I need to clean my air ducts if my home is brand new? Shockingly, yes. Construction debris is a standout amongst the most widely recognized sorts of defilement that we find in air duct frameworks. Fine particles, for example, drywall dust or sawdust, and in addition different materials can advance into your framework when the development groups are tidying up. The best way to completely expel these toxins from your framework is through expert cleaning. What are the health benefits of having this service performed? Dust, fungi and microscopic organisms have been appeared to gather in the ventilation framework. These contaminants are broadly accepted to be conceivably destructive to your wellbeing, perhaps disturbing or setting off specific hypersensitivities. The expulsion of these contaminants from your HVAC framework ought to be seen as one stage in enhancing the general nature of air in your home. Will have my air ducts cleaned reduce my energy bills? Soil and garbage may gather in your ventilation framework, blocking ventilation work and key parts of the furnace, including the evaporator coil and blower. Develop of these contaminants in the heater can limit wind current, making your system work harder and more, in this manner requiring more vitality. By cleaning the whole HVAC framework, you may...

Getting clean air in your house can be as simple as 1-2-3!!!

What is more important than dealing with your home? Very little! That is the reason the time has come to begin considering the nature of air you’re relaxing. Clean air is a must for any living space. It adds to the neatness of your home and also the general soundness of you and your relatives. Lamentably, numerous property holders today don’t give their air quality a great deal of thought. The outcome is contaminated indoor air. As indicated by the Environmental Protection Agency, this is the fourth greatest danger to general wellbeing in North America, especially in Canada. Before you begin stressing interminably – don’t! Having clean air can be as simple as 1-2-3. Is it true that you are prepared to begin? At that point, you’ll have to venture out: regard for your home. The truth is out, enhanced air quality can be as simple as observing signs that there is trouble. For example, have you discovered that your furniture is dustier or harder to clean of late? Has anybody in your family experienced side effects like hacking, wheezing, runny nose, cerebral pains, headaches, or unfavourably susceptible responses as of late? These issues are solid pointers that your home air is unclean – and something should be done about it. The subsequent stage is to plan an expert channel examination. Yes, you read that right! Unclean air in the house is most usually connected to air pipes that are brimming with contaminants like tidy, soil, debris. After some time, these contaminants develop inside the channels normally. This can be dangerous if not evacuated, as clean and soil would...

Benefits of commercial duct cleaning

While considering the esteem that commercial duct cleaning can convey to your business, it’s critical to painstakingly consider the cost-saving advantages the procedure offers. To help control you in adapting more about this administration, we’re featuring the cost-saving advantages of business duct cleaning. Superior Air Quality: The air quality created through the commercial duct cleaning procedure will empower your group to work all the more adequately inside the office. One of the considerable focal points is that it will reduce the sick days among your team, guaranteeing that your group is working with larger amounts of efficiency consistently. The procedure will likewise demonstrate your group that you’re focused on enhancing their wellbeing and give an agreeable workspace, in this manner improving assurance. Lower Energy Costs: Dust and other airborne contaminants can have a huge effect in an office. They can stick inside parts causing degradation after some time. These contaminants may likewise make the parts need to work harder to perform to an indistinguishable level from the clean and earth obstruct the framework. After some time, vitality costs rise and your organization will burn through a huge number of dollars additionally endeavouring to accomplish a similar outcome from its apparatus. Reduced Repair Costs: Notwithstanding the vitality costs ascending as your apparatus loses its execution after some time, your repair and support expenses will ascend also. You should spend more cash supplanting your hardware as clean and different contaminants separate parts and cause generation levels to moderate. You will then need to spend more cash supplanting the hardware if the group can’t finish the required repair work. By just putting...

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