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Best Home Furnace Cleaning Services Since 1997 in Ontario by Unique Providers

Is your furnace making unwanted noise?
Does it take a long time to heat your home or cool it down?

If you are experiencing these issues, then there may be something wrong with your furnace.


At Unique, we are devoted to furnace cleaning. We can help you decrease blower noise, boost burner efficiency, stop blowback to the duct system, and also optimize the air flow in your house. Additionally by cleaning your furnace on a regular basis, you will decrease your monthly utility bill and increase the duration of your gear.

How does furnace cleaning process work?

Telephone Quote: Our staff would associate with you on the telephone, explain the cost (based on number of ports, and optional add-on services).

Arrival: Our seasoned furnace cleaning technicians would visit your house or office and connect a tubular vacuum for your HVAC. One member of our team will spray forced atmosphere to the vents, pushing dust towards the primary HVAC. The next member will attach the tubular vacuum into the HVAC to suck the debris and dust out of the HVAC.

Added Services: Based on the add-ons chosen by the customer, we’d invest additional time. (These typical features include: installing a HEPA Filter, AeroSeal, Anti-Bacterial Spray, etc.).

Inspection and Certificate: Our crew would reveal to you the final result of the cleaning, have you sign the paperwork and issue a certification.


Benefits of Furnace Cleaning Service

  1. Better Efficiency: Unique Providers deliver to you the best furnace and dryer vent cleaning services and the most important advantage of cleaning is the best efficiency for your furnace. When the furnace boiler and ducts are cleaned, the furnace will work efficiently, taking lesser time to supply the required heat to your house. A furnace with better efficiency can save tons of cash over the years. The efficiency of each furnace is distinct, but in some cases, the savings from the furnace could completely offset the prices for cleaning. A special calculator can help find out differences also. After your first cleaning, you’ll compare the cash spent on oil for the year and compare the amounts to previous years to ascertain the difference. When oil prices fluctuate, a better comparison would be to ascertain the number of gallons you burn through annually.
  2. Quiet Operations: One of the noisiest pieces of equipment in your house is usually the furnace. You might frequently hear the rumble & loud sounds of the furnace starting up. If you are feeling like your furnace has become noisy over the years, you are not just hearing things. As a furnace runs, screws become loose, panels dislodge, & vibrations increase. Without proper maintenance, a furnace will vibrate more & become much noisier than you intended. During the cleaning process, a technician will help secure all elements of a furnace and replace screws where needed. Along with the furnace itself, the duct & pipe brackets are also secured to reduce noise. Not only will the reduction of noise help your ears, but you’ll help prevent major problems that occur when a furnace vibrates or shakes an excessive amount.
  3. Cleaner Burns: When our expert technicians clean out your furnace, they’re going to eliminate the dust, debris, and build-up inside the burners. The outcome won’t only economize with better efficiency, but your furnace will have cleaner burns. The cleaner burns will, in turn, give better quality air in your home and also help the environment. An HVAC technician will inspect the furnace to see for any air leaks or carbon monoxide gas issues. Special tools can explore the areas & ensure all of the furnace elements are locked down and in situ so air leaks don’t occur.
  4. Oil Filter Replacements: One task that must be done during every cleaning is usually a full filter replacement. Modern oil tanks are often crammed with sludge and dirt. If your tank gets low on oil, the sludge can seep into the lines & clog the filter. Once a filter is replaced, oil can reach the furnace easier and supply a warmer and more powerful burn. If excess sludge does appear, then our expert technicians may plan to remove extra sludge within the oil tank.
  5. Duct Obstructions: While we would like heating ducts to supply clean air, there may be obstructions causing problems and impacting the way heat flows through a home. Eliminate any major duct obstructions with a furnace cleaning. Dirt is one of the more common elements filling up ducts, but your home may have rodents stuck within the ducts also. Cleaning out the ducts will enhance both the air quality and efficiency of a furnace. If you’ve noticed that some rooms of the house don’t heat up like the others, then a duct obstruction might be one of the most common causes.

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