How to Check your Air Ducts for Leaks?

How to Check your Air Ducts for Leaks?

What causes your ducts to get air leaks?

Will your AC fight in the summer to keep your house cool? Are certain rooms hot, regardless of how long your AC is running in your home? Or maybe you have a higher energy bill than usual and can’t figure out why. Many homeowners face these problems and leaky ducts are often the blame.

Due to an inefficient HVAC system, leaks in your conduits can increase your energy costs.

Distortion of ducts

Due to normal wear and tear, leaks in your canals can develop. With the passage of time, the fitting segments of ducts (especially the elbows and joints) may become loose or even completely detached. Shake or other screening materials may also start breaking with age, leading to leaks.

Old Ducts

Even ducts cannot fully stand up to the effects of age, like most things in life. As the pull of gravity gets older, the scale can break down and the pipes can be loosened on the seams. Even when an HVAC professional can help prevent this by adding support to your ducts, leakages in your ducts can develop at age.

Pressure Variances

The air pressure in your house can either pull air inside or force it out. It can be out of balance. If pressure differences develop in the rooms in your house, air from your ducts may begin to leak. This can lead to increased energy consumption and lower cooling and warming efficiency.


Indoor animals

Small animals, such as mouse, squirrels or rats, can also lead to leaks in your conduit. The weight of their bodies and moves can loosen segments of duct or break the seals between connections between ducts as they pass through your ducts.

Unique Providers Can Help

Leaky pipelines are not only a minor drawback. You can reduce the lifespan of your HVAC system, increase energy consumption and lower air quality in your home. The Unique Providers experts can assist with the regular duct cleaning service to maintain the overall health of your conduits. For more information, or to arrange your service, contact us today.


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