Air Duct Sanitizing & Disinfecting

What is Air Duct Sanitizing & Disinfecting?

It is very important that you take particular care in your Air Ducts and the cleaning treatments that you use if you want air free from bacteria and other items which can influence air quality in your house. It’s not only about ensuring the cleanliness of your air ducts but also by requesting sanitization and disinfecting services that you find the best way of treating them. In other words, you should know a few things about the choice of the best treatments and services for air ducts.

What Is the Difference in Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting of Air Ducts? 

You may want to examine the distinct difference between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting these areas in order to find the best solution to take care of your air ducts. While purification, Sanitization, and disinfection can be similar, some differences occur.

Cleaning of the air pipeline. It is designed to remove solid matter inside the pipelines manually. This can involve many allergens, particularly since certain airways could be filled with dirt, clogs, moulid and bacteria, which must be removed. Cleaning and hygiene of the air duct. This goes beyond purification with extra steps to reduce the amount and remove dirt and debris, as well as bacteria, germs and other microorganisms.


 Cleaning and disinfection of the air duct. The main objective in the treatment of these surfaces is the killing of germs and viruses in order to avoid causing problems of health, such as allergies, asthma and viruses such as COVID-19. For example, in ten minutes, a well-known Sporicidal Disinfectant kills almost 100% of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

How does Unique Providers Sanitize and Disinfect Air Ducts?

The sporicidal fogging method is used by our company. Aerosolizes the disinfectant into small drops, ensuring that each surface of the duct is completely lacquered. Our technology uses an EPA-registered disinfectant solution named Sporicidal for sanitizing and disinfecting your air ducts. The treatment is non-fragrant, low-toxic and is currently used in hospitals, medical centers and other health facilities. It is thus sufficiently effective against viruses such as COVID-19.


Should Air Ducts Be “Sanitized” After Each Air Duct Cleaning?

Not necessary. Regular air duct cleaning is enough in most cases. You should sanitize air ducts only in special circumstances – see the possible issues listed below.


Who Needs Professional Air Duct Sanitizing and Disinfecting?

Customers need to sanitize and disinfect their air ducts if:

  • Somebody has health concerns (asthma allergies, tuberculosis, or other diseases that are transmitted by airborne droplets).

  • You keep pets in your house.

  • There is an unpleasant odor in your ductwork.

  • You have experienced water leaks / water damage in your air duct system.

  • You suspect mold, bacteria, viruses, and fungi presence in air ducts.


How Often Should Air Ducts be Sanitized/Disinfected?

You may want to know how long these solutions last after you have implemented sanitizing and disinfecting solutions in your home. It should last about 6 months for HVAC sanitizing services. You might consider treating your air ducts again, if the situation in your home has changed since the last disinfecting service like contagiosity at home. Those residential sanitizing solutions may therefore be an extra precautionary measure, if you are concerned with your family and COVID-19 and maintain your air ducts unconditional.



How to Order Sporicidal Fogging and Disinfecting for Air Ducts

Technicians certified, licensed and insured are single providers. This is why when you order our sanitation and disinfection for your own home, office or HVAC system you can be calm.


Our service is in Mississauga, Toronto, Milton, Richmond Hill, Vaughan since 1997. We have been providing services for the sanitation of air ducts. We serve both residential and commercial properties, such as single-family housings, multiunit apartment buildings, etc (offices, malls, churches, hospitals, gyms, educational facilities and more).


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