The Guide To Air Duct Cleaning

The Guide To Air Duct Cleaning: Time for  Spring Cleaning in Canada

With spring rolling over, it is now time for you to let the sun rays in, and open the cabinets full of cleaning instruments as well. But, when it comes to your HVAC system, professional assistance is required. After all, air duct cleaning is not an amateur’s job. Deep cleaning of the air vents needs professional knowledge.

This blog focuses on delivering you the detailed cleaning of the air duct and dryer vent cleaning during Spring. So without further ado, let us begin.

What You Kept in Mind During Duct Cleaning in Spring.

The guide would be incomplete without mentioning that you would need efficient tools and equipment to clean your house. Professionals mostly come with their own equipment and chemicals to clean the space. Now that we have gotten this down, let us proceed with how to clean each and every part of your system.


Opt for the prior inspection:

Usually, a residential HVAC system does not require prior inspection, but if you own a  commercial property, you need to be extra cautious. Prior inspection is mandatory as it helps the vent cleaning experts understand the core problem. They will tell you to remove the asbestos-containing materials, such as register boots and insulation features in the heating and cooling system. If the asbestos-containing materials are not removed it will cause serious disaster. 


Start with the dirtiest corner:

The dirtiest corner of the HVAC demands the best of cleaning. It is better to do dryer vent cleaning in the first place because it is in the interior zone and accumulates most of the dirt, grime, and lint. Vacuuming it will help take out the excess dirt. Remove the trapped dirt, so that it’s easy to clean it up. 


Remove the Blinds & Shades:

You need to remove the blinds or shades during air duct cleaning procedures. You can also cover the blinds and curtains if there’s no time to remove these. After you have done it, you need to lower or add the blinds as well as vinyl shades. Don’t forget to dust them, once the duct cleaning is done.  Finish the whole procedure by vacuuming the fabric shades as well as drapes. 


Clean the walls:

Once the dryer vents and air filters are cleaned, you will see there are  annoying stains and lint accumulated on the walls. Because, during ductwork cleaning many debris come out of the vent and deposit on the wall. It’s recommended to  wipe them down as soon as the cleaning is done. This will help keep your walls free of greasy fingerprints, dust as well as strains. To do so, you need a soap-free solvent and wipe it down using a soft cloth. To make the cleaning procedure fast and effective, you must start from top to bottom. While you are at it ensure that you wipe the door frames and baseboards too. 


Don’t forget the musty carpets:

Your carpet holds the power to liven up your room. So, refresh your carpets in between the duct cleaning by using a portable carpet cleaner. You may use a rotating brush for maximum cleanliness. To rid your carpet of any greases, if you have any, you need to sprinkle the baking soda or carpet deodorizer. By doing so, you will be removing the grease stains easily while  neutralizing the bad odors.  Use a soft brush, work the baking powder into the carpet and then let it sit for at least 30 minutes. Vacuum the baking powder of the carpet using any fresh bag or clean dirt cup.


De-stinking your kitchen is a thing:

HVAC systems in the kitchen require deep cleaning because the ductwork in these systems is the prime source of the annoying stink. Also, clogged ducts cause fires. Get the professionals for duct cleaning in the kitchen. 


Microwave in the kitchen stinks the most when the pores are clogged. Also there’s a  pesky stain on their microwave that isn’t easy to get rid of. It’s better to get the professionals’ help for cleaning this. Although cleaning microwave falls under the package of duct cleaning costs.

Duct Cleaning in Spring Benefits

With the winter receding, one needs to do some spring cleaning in their house, so that the unclogged ducts are opened up and work with utmost efficiency.

  • Duct cleaning in Spring will lead you to improved air quality:  If you don’t clean throughout the year, then it is very likely to notice a buildup of both dirt and dust in the household. A thorough spring clean session is very crucial to maintaining the quality of air. It will ensure that the air you breathe is rid of any dust and allergens that build up over the long winters.  

  • Duct cleaning will reduce stress: Seeing the place you live in all tidied up will make you stress-free. Doing some real spring cleaning can reduce the amount of stress the surrounding causes you. Moreover, the act of cleaning itself is empowering and relaxing as it is therapeutic.  


Why Air Ducts are Prone to Accumulate Dirt

HVAC systems have small air ducts through which air spreads into the room and goes back into the system. During the process air pollutants also go inside the ducts and stick right inside the wall. Which further keeps on spreading pollution inside. Often it leads to breathing issues, coughs, and several respiratory diseases.

When is the right time for Air Duct Cleaning

Normally, it is between two to four years when your air ducts should be cleaned, but you can also opt for a yearly cleaning session. If the system is not working at its highest efficiency, it needs cleaning. Sometimes, foreign particles accumulated in the duct walls obstruct airflow. However, a timely inspection of the duct can help you understand when it needs cleaning. 

For commercial properties, a yearly cleaning is mandatory. HVAC systems in these places cover an extended area. As a result, they tend to attract dirt and grime more easily than the others. Places like schools, colleges, offices, gyms, and malls should check their ducts regularly. A three-year break between cleaning is fine, but keeping a regular check of the HVAC system can help you understand when to call the commercial duct cleaners. 

Ending note


To focus better, you need to do some duct cleaning in Spring. Now that you know what elements of the home you cannot afford to miss, and the significance of the duct & dryer vent cleaning, get to it immediately. 


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